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2015 Whelen Modified Tour Presented by Xtreme Short Track Sim Racing


Practice begins 8:00pm est

Drivers Meeting - 8:55pm

Racing: 9:00pm est

Race Night Procedures

General Rules
  • Must have Teamspeak 3 to participate in the nights events
  • Teamspeak 3 IP
  • Flaming on Teamspeak or forums/social media will not be tolerated. You will receive a warning for first offense, admins discretion for following offense.
  • As a common courtesy to your fellow racers, XSTSR asks that on race night you keep profanity to a minimum.
  • We want to promote friendship, camaraderie, and clean racing in XSTSR. Therefore, race and treat others as you want to be treated, Remember we are here to have fun!!!
  • All Admin rulings are final. We will make a united decision between the four admins. If you have a problem please explain yourself, the issue at hand, and request a meeting with admins during the week. We prefer you let emotions settle from race night and request following day.
  • Must be at least 16 years of age to race with XSTSR.
  • Race Night Rules
  • Two caused cautions in a race and you must park for the remainder of that particular race. If you cause two cautions in the heat, you still can race the feature. You cause two cautions in the feature, you are out for the night.
  • Nose to tail with single file restarts. If an admin sees you are laying back, you will be sent tail. If noticed on replay, you are subject to a penalty including verbal warning up to loss of spots/points
  • NO Passing before the start finish line period. YOU Must stay in line unless avoiding an accident. If admins deem it a racing move you will be docked accordingly.
  • There will be ONE restart if the last car starting did not cross start finish line. Once the last car crosses the line, it is an official race
  • There must be someone who claims caution credit, if nobody wants to claim the accident, cars who started the incident go tail.
  • If the race is past halfway and a server failure or issue arises, it is an official race.
  • On a given race night the driver receives points not the car, so driver must be in attendance to receive points.
  • The Admin team reserves the right to adjust the finish order based on penalties and server issues.
  • No Heat Races
  • Top 12 qualifiers will redraw for feature positions. Everyone else will start straight up.
  • Open Pit- Tires, fuel, damage, psi, wedge, grille tape, anything goes. We will not wait though.
  • No Lucky Dogs. Lapped cars hold your spot. No wave bys. If you are damaged and you want to go to the tail, you must go to the pits. Be courteous to the lead lap cars.
  • Field Size will be determined by track size.
  • No rough driving will be tolerated. If the admin team feels you can't hold a line or drive recklessly on the track, you will be parked for the remainder of the night. If you have an issue with a competitor please bring it to our attention after the race. Do NOT talk about the issue during racing action.
  • HOLD YOUR POSITION BACK TO THE LINE when the caution flies out. Stagger when under yellow. Give everyone plenty of distance between the car in front of you. No THROTTLE scuffing.
  • Penalties will be cleared at admin's discretion.
  • You will lineup where the game puts you. If you are damaged, DO NOT wave anyone by. Go thru the pits if you want to restart tail.
  • If the admin teams feel you can not maintain a safe minimum speed, you must pit to fix damage or call it a night. We will not have wrecked cars staying on the track going multiple laps down and ruining someones night.
    No talking during qualifying at all. Be courteous to your fellow drivers.
    You Must have your stuff ready to go on race night. We will not wait for you. We will not hold the program up to fix your mismatches. We are always on teamspeak and accessible by facebook, text, teamspeak, league email.

Dave Soja (Head Admin)
Art Palmer (Race Director)
Shane Gott (Replay/Scoring)
Chris Meyers (Co-Race Director)

Points System
1st50 points
2nd48 points
3rd46 points
4th44 points
5th42 points
6th40 points
7th38 points
8th36 points
9th34 points
10th32 points
11th31 points
12th30 points
13th29 points
14th28 points
15th27 points
16th26 points
17th25 points
18th24 points
19th23 points
20th22 points
21st21 points
22nd20 points


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